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~> If you know any Nepali artists (especially photographers) that can be interested in joining the project please contact us as soooooon as possible (very little time is left before NEXT ONE).

~> if you are a Photographer (international too) and want to join and eventually expose some of your personal portfolio pictures in the most famous bars and restaurants nearby, or even activate a collaboration initiative, please contact us.

***To join this event (next week) please send us 1 portrait of smiling Nepali ppl – we decided to make it easy :) – this will be hanged on this huge wall in Thamel (Hotel De Veda… [beautifully messed map] )  ~> t wall ~ together with 17 (if you want) more – big size and high res.- photos.


~> kick-assess WordPress web designers (if interested) are invited to contact us personally to assist us with some relevant work  ~>   thewallnext.one


*Do you think the scene in Thamel has turned too dull and utterly centred around selling drinks to travellers turned into mindless tourists?

*Would you like to help boosting the quality of it?


*Do you think that more Art is needed?

*Would you like to get enlightened in between treks or have some quality fun time while resting from your volunteering?

*We got just the right project for you!


*We are a collective of individuals concerned about bringing the values of artistic people into the heart of the traveller’s hub of Nepal.

*Whether if you are a DJ that want to explain the underground crowds how the sound is made, or a photographer concerned about the issues happening in the country, or maybe an illustrator or tattoo artist that would like to see her pieces displayed in big for everyone to see, this is for you.


*Submit your proposal, portfolio, ideas… to info@TheWallNext.One



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